1 Million Rubles for Toy Car: Chelyabinsk Resident Posted Unusual Ad

The South Urals residents decided to sell an old, but unusual, in his opinion, a toy car. The man is convinced that this is a rare one, chelTV reports. 

Picture: Chelyabinsk Regional Website

A resident of Chelyabinsk unpacked boxes with old things and found a small yellow car with which he played as a child. He decided to sell it over the Internet and published an ad on one of the websites.

“This one with black sides is on sale in 1 copy, it costs $ 15,000. I exhibit a little cheaper, contact me for all the information. Or exchange for a very powerful PC (personal computer),” the seller writes.

The man wants 1 million rubles for the car. However, users of the resource doubted the successful outcome of this transaction, as such car models usually cost no more than 1000 rubles.

Ru-Main, 04.04.2020

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