10 Elderly People were Adopted by Novosibirsk Family

The members of the Novosibirsk family take care of ten elderly people who were left alone by their own relatives. Marina Mosina has two children and adopted elderly men and women, and is still open to help those who need it, reports VN.RU

Picture: Novosibirsk Regional Website

According to Marina, it all started when she had to look after her own mother. She became very ill and died at the age of 54. When after that Marina lived with her husband and children separately from her widowed father, she began to notice how lonely the life of elderly people is.

She started to help him and soon got used to it. Later she took him to her home. Then she took more and more people. So she has been living in such conditions already for 11 years. Over the years there were those who died, but if it happened, Marina received a call from the social security with the offer to take another person. So the places are never empty.

Marina says that people do not pay her anything. She receives only 1.440 rubles for care after those who are over 80 years old or are disabled of the 1st group. The pension varies, most of them have the minimum one, that is 8 thousand 800 rubles. The pension is usually spent for the needs of pensioners, according to their orders.

According to Marina, some people think that she does it for the sake of housing so that later her family will get the elderly people’s apartments. However, as a rule, elderlies give home-apartments to relatives, who then kick them out. That is how those people appear in Marina’s house.

Ru-Main, 04.01.2020

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