100 Meters High: Giant Thermometer was Built in Kazan

The art object was built by highlighting the pipe of the Gorki district boiler house. 

Picture: Kazan Regional Website

The height of the pipe is 100 meters and the diameter is 3.5 meters. It is reported that now the object is working in test mode, and from January 1 it will work fully.

The arrangement of the thermometer on the pipe cost 4.9 million rubles. This price includes the price of equipment, its installation and commissioning. It is known that the backlight will work around the clock.

So, the idea of ​​turning the pipe into a thermometer was proposed in the summer by the Assistant to the President of Tatarstan Natalia Fishman. She expressed her idea during a visit to Kazan by Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Vitaly Mutko.

Ru-Main, 30.12.2019

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