100 Years Since Birth of Georg Ots Opera Singer

Fate gave the outstanding artist, who has become a wonderful symbol of Estonia, thirty years of phenomenal creative life and many musical compositions, VM.RU reports.  

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

The phrase from Mr X’s aria “To be always a mask is my fate…” seemed to be for Ots the sign for the whole life. The biographer of singer, Kulle Raig, said that he was a modest man, but at the same time incredibly talented. He knew languages, was a real gentleman, and never claimed anything for himself.

Once, when the already famous singer was asked about what makes him feel happy, he replied that he would be happy if at least one person listening to his songs felt the need to do something useful and kind to people. So, to date, the operas of a great singer still performed in Moscow opera theatres in honour of his great talent and for the high demand by viewers.

Ru-Main, 21.03.2020

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