108 Tatarstan Beginner Farmers to Receive Financial Support

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food of Tatarstan has summed up the results of the competition for the selection of farms projects for the provision of grants to support beginning farmers. According to the Ministry, the total amount of grants is 250 million rubles. 

It is noted that 63 applicants  for the competition out of 136 became grant holders. The grantees will implement projects on dairy farms, cattle fattening, poultry farming, horse and sheep breeding, fish farming, as well as projects for growing fruit and vegetable crops. It is stated that in recent years, due to the automation of agricultural production and the replacement of heavy manual labour with machinery, the number of employed rural people has been steadily declining, that is why there arises the problem of their employment. The support program for beginner farmers is aimed at improving the living standards of rural residents, employment to the rural population, increasing the business activity of youth in rural areas, and maintaining a rural lifestyle.

Ru-Main, 15.06.2020

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