150 Students Came to Rostov for Promotion Domestic Tourism

The opening of the IV All-Russian Youth Tourism School took place in Alushta. The forum was dedicated to the anniversary of the movement of student teams. The Rostov student squad headquarters became a co-organizer of the school. 

Students from specialized educational institutions and colleges, representatives of youth organizations and associations, 150 people from 25 subjects of the Russian Federation came to take part in the event. The forum program includes seminars and masterclasses that will allow participants to master the mechanisms of promoting domestic tourism in the Russian Federation.

“Implementing the far-reaching plans of the country are expected from the young people, including those trained at the School of Tourism, which lays the foundation for intelligence, knowledge, and new cases. And the point of departure is not accidentally the Crimea, which in practice shows the results in the tourism industry and the wide opportunities for young people to work here,” commented the deputy head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, Alexei Konyushkov.

Also, the program will include music, sports, leisure activities, as well as workshops on customer focus with the involvement of best practices at the tourism industry of the Republic of Crimea and the Rostov Region.

Ru-Main, 26.11.2019, Picture: Rostov regional Website  

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