19 Year Old Courier Caught Counterfeiter

In Kazan, a 19-year-old courier detained a counterfeiter who wanted to pay with a five-thousand-ruble denomination.

According to the courier, that day the administrator gave him a request for food delivery. Arriving at the place, he was met by a young man who paid for the order. However, the money seemed fake to the courier.

He informed the manager about this fact but received an answer that he could not refuse to give the change. The courier gave the change to the client but offered to go and check the bill with him for authenticity. During the movement of the car, the client, opened the door and tried to hide. But the courier caught up with him and reported the incident to the police.

It was later found that the suspect was a 21-year-old man without a residence permit. During the inspection of his apartment, the police found two more bills with a face value of five thousand rubles. Currently, a criminal case has been initiated on this fact under the article “Production, storage, transportation or sale of counterfeit money or securities”.

Ru-Main, 04.12.2019

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