300 Young Families Expected to Get New Housing

In Samara, young families will be able to receive help from the city authorities to solve the housing problem. The corresponding decree was signed by the mayor of the regional capital Elena Lapushkina. 

According to the program “A young family – affordable housing” in 2020, 334 couples will be able to apply for benefits. Money for these purposes is pledged in the city treasury.

220 families will be able to obtain special certificates, which confirm the right to receive social benefits that can be spent on buying a house or building a house.

114 couples will receive the social payment itself. The city budget plans to allocate 48.7 million rubles for these purposes.

Representatives of the regional government spoke about the financial support of families who plan to move to new housing. According to their calculations, 1280 couples will be able to improve housing conditions in 2020.

Ru-Main, 25.12.2019

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