64 Samara Fishermen Removed from Drifting Ice Floe

Fishermen from the Samara region got caught into an unpleasant situation. An ice floe with several dozens of fishing lovers broke away from the coast in the Ulyanovsk region.

The incident was reported at about 12:10 on November 25th. According to the Ulyanovsk Region Department of the Ministry of Emergencies, the ice floe was located 30 meters from the coast, not far from the village of Birl in the Melekessky district, on the Bolshoi Cheremshan River.

32 rescuers and 12 special vehicles worked at the site. The fishermen were removed from the ice in three passes. First, 19 people were sent ashore, then another 40. Five men were the last to be saved from the pond.

Due to the sharp cooling, the ice bound many reservoirs. However, as representatives of emergency services reported, its thickness is still not enough to arrange ice fishing. In the best case, such a risk may result in the separation of the ice from the coast, in the worst – death under water.

Nevertheless, the most impatient fishermen have already tested the strength of ice in the water bodies of the Samara region.

Ru-Main, 26.11.2019

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