Rostelecom Connected Stations in Omsk Remote Villages

Thanks to the stations that the remote villages of the Omsk region were provided with by Rostelecom, more than 2,100 people received a possibility to have fast communications. The launch of new telecommunications facilities was carried out under a contract with the Tele2 mobile operator, which has been operating in Russia since 2003 and provides services in 68 regions of the country. 

Picture: Omsk Regional Government Official Website

It is specified that the northernmost villages of Malaya Bicha and Bolshaya Bicha of the Ust-Ishim district, as well as the remote Petrovo of the Tevriz district and Panovo of the Krutinsky district, have joined the mobile communication and high-speed Internet. The director of the Omsk branch of PJSC Rostelecom, Eduard Serobabin, noted that thanks to the construction of 4G base stations, residents of these settlements for the first time have the opportunity to use cell phones and mobile Internet.

It is specified that the village of Panovo has only a bit more than 800 people. Now, the average speed of mobile Internet within the range of a base station is about 10 Mbps there, so users download from 140 to 150 Gbps of mobile Internet every day. The residents of the Petrovo village, where 440 people live, also have access to 4G mobile communications and a stable Internet. Thus, 99.8 per cent of residents of the Omsk region have the opportunity to use modern communication services.

Ru-Main, 08.02.2021 

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