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Welcome to the Russia Main News!

Ru-Main is a new international information source for people who are interested in daily events, business, entertainment and basically everything in the Russian world. The English news site was published on 1.12.2019. The daily updated Russian Main Site is available in domains: www.ru-main.ru and www.ru-main.com.

Russia Main is an independent, private, commercial news agency, the staff of which is devoted to respecting international ethics of journalism, together with international and Russian laws of mass media.

In Russia, there are 10 huge cities with over a million inhabitants, a growing economy and a thriving culture. Millions of foreigners are today living, working and visiting all parts of the Russian world, but up to this day, without any daily news sources from most of the regions are provided in a foreign language. Our news team decided to fulfil this urgent need.

Our goal is to offer a neutral overview of Russia, its people, events, and economics.

Janus Putkonen

The founder, director and chief editor of Russia Main Site is Finnish journalist, Janus Putkonen, who has almost a decade of experience in leading news agencies worldwide.

Putkonen was the founder of the first real alternative news source in Finland, Verkkomedia.org (2010-2015). He was also the founder of the Donbass International News Agency and Press Center, DONi (2015-2018) in Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics.  Since early 2019  Janus Putkonen has been the director and chief editor of the leading alternative news media in Finland, UMV-Lehti (www.mvlehti.net).

“I want to build bridges between the West and the Russian World. We need to overcome our fears, barriers, and blocks. We need to provide news from the people to the people, with no political or geopolitical interests. My interest is to participate in the thriving of Russia,” says Putkonen.

Ru-Main is a private project, seeking business partners and content providers. The concept based on the common need for creating “soft power” in Russian international media.

“Don’t hesitate to contact us. As a developing private media, I am more than willing to cooperate with everyone in mutual interest. Our target is to take the position of leading independent Russian international on-line news agency. We have started with English news, but that’s only the beginning,” says Putkonen.

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