Achilles the Cat Predicted Russian Team’s Victory in European Match

The Hermitage cat Achilles predicted the victory of the Russian national team in the European Football Championship match with the Finnish team in St. Petersburg, TASS reports.

Picture: TASS

It is clarified that Achilles the Cat predicts the victory of the teams by choosing from two bowls with the flags of the countries. This time, after some doubts, the cat ate from a bowl of Russia, as told by its owner, veterinarian of the Hermitage cats Anna Kondratyeva.

In addition, Achilles has his own Fan ID to attend championship matches. As the press secretary of the Hermitage cats, Maria Khaltunen said, animals are not allowed at all events of the tournament, and only this cat is an exception.

They remind that the cat had already correctly predicted the outcome of the tournament matches between the teams of Italy and Turkey (3:0), as well as Belgium and Russia (3:0). The oracle made a mistake only once during the championship, predicting the victory of the Polish team in the match with the Slovak national team (the match ended with a score of 2:1 in favour of the Slovaks).

Ru-Main, 16.06.2021 

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