Actors of Series About Hockey Will Fight With Professional Team

Actors of the series “Molodezhka” will fight at the match with the hockey team “Siberia”. Film and sports stars will fight at a hockey match in Novosibirsk, on February 16, on the S7 Arena hockey rink, reports

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

The team of actors will be presented by Makar Zaporizhsky, Ilya Korobko and Igor Ogurtsov. The team of bloggers will include the leaders of popular YouTube channels about hockey Phil Fox Hockey, Yaroslav Kuzmichev and Mikhail Cherkasov from Hockey Frenzy. The captains of both teams will be professional athletes: striker Nikita Korotkov and defender Andrey Ermakov.

The match will be held on a four-by-four basis with no goalkeepers. Teams will play two periods of 10 minutes with a five-minute break. After the competition, a photoshoot and an autograph session with the players will be organized for the guests.

Ru-Main, 16.02.2020

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