Actress Guzeeva with Husband in Public First Time in a While

Larisa Guzeeva shot in a video her husband, restaurateur Igor Bukharov, during shopping. The event is noteworthy because the actress prefers to avoid talking about her personal life.

The video hit the Web. The recording depicts the process of choosing a tracksuit by Bukharov. Meanwhile, Guzeeva is actively commenting on what is happening.

“It feels like I’m a rich American and I choose clothes for my boyfriend. Turn around, Igor. Good boy. Come on, get inside. And tighten also somehow the loins,” – says the artist.

The President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia, Igor Bukharov, is the third husband of Larisa Guzeeva. The couple got married in 1999. In 2000, a daughter Olga was born in the family.

Earlier Larisa Guzeeva on the air of the “Let’s Get Married” program talked about a quarrel with Bukharov. According to her, the conflict arose due to a telephone conversation, during which the man answered monosyllabically to the actress’s detailed questions.

Ru-Main, 13.11.2019 

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