Advanced Radiator for Cooling Electric Vehicles Batteries Created in Russia

Scientists from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) created a durable and compact radiator for lithium-ion batteries, which in the future can be used to power electric vehicles. When creating the radiator, aluminium alloys were used and the technology of friction stir welding was applied, RIA News reports.  

Picture: RIA News Website

As the engineer of the Laboratory of Light Materials and Structures of SPbPU, Fedor Isupov, explained, aluminium alloys were chosen as the basis for the radiator due to their lightness and strength. However, building an aluminium cooling system using conventional methods would not meet size requirements.

“Friction stir welding avoids the defects inherent in fusion welding, and also speeds up and reduces the cost of the process. In addition, it allows obtaining stronger overlap joints. They are much stronger than seams made by conventional welding,” the scientist said.

It is noted that the created radiator is not only used for cooling the battery but also plays the role of the bottom and base of the battery. In addition, at low temperatures, heat is supplied through it to heat the batteries. For this, a special control system has been developed.

Ru-Main, 11.04.2021 

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