Aivazovsky Painting Sold at Auction for Almost 3 Million Dollars

The painting “The Bay of Naples” by Russian artist and marine painter, Ivan Aivazovsky, was sold at Sotheby’s in London for almost 2.3 million pounds. 

Picture: Sotheby’s Website

Aivazovsky painted this work of art in 1841. It is noted that by 1878 he had not just found fame both in Russia and abroad; he had come to define the genre of seascape painting and redefine its place in Russian art. At over 2 metres wide the lot is one of the largest paintings by Aivazovsky to appear on the open market and is instantly recognisable as a work by his hand. It combines many of the elements for which he is best known, such as the diffuse sunlight filling a hazy sky, or the reflection of light on the calm, slightly rippling water.

Ru-Main, 03.06.2020

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