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Chamber Performances Festival to Be Held in Novosibirsk

Festival of chamber performances “One. Two. Three” starts in Novosibirsk today, on February 21. Until the end of the month, performances in which no more than three artists are engaged will be shown at various venues in Novosibirsk, VN.RU reports.  There are groups from St. Petersburg, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk, Switzerland and Finland expected to be

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Over 3 Thousand Schoolchildren Took Part in ‘Moscow Guide’ Project

More than three thousand Moscow schoolchildren took part in the “Moscow Guide” project, VM.RU reports. Teenagers got acquainted with the sights of the city, master new routes and learned more about the profession of a guide.  Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Natalia Sergunina, said that this academic year, almost one and a half thousand people were

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Top 3 Male Professions in Novosibirsk

The most popular professions among male job seekers were identified by HeadHunter job site analysts, VN.RU. As it turned out, the lifeguard is the most popular male profession in the Novosibirsk region.  Men are 93% of the job seekers for the car business, and 90% of working personnel. As for salary expectations, then men, as

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Restoration Competition: Battle of Borodino Panorama to Be Restored Publicly in Moscow

A competition with limited participation for the restoration of the Battle of Borodino fragment panorama was announced on the Moscow Mayor official website. When choosing a winner of the competition, special attention will be paid to the most experienced restorers.   When restoring the “Horse Riders” fragment, performers will have to process the canvas, remove dirt,

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Free Lectures for Pet Owners to Be Held in Moscow

In Moscow, a cycle of free lectures will be held for pet owners. Specialists of the Moscow Veterinary Committee will tell participants how to care for their pets and feed them in the capital city.  All lectures were divided into three thematic blocks. The first is devoted to animal diseases, the second to caring for

Business |  Economics |  20.02.20

Ruble Growth After Weakening Was Announced by Experts

Experts announced the return of the ruble’s growth after a slight weakening due to the introduction of new sanctions, writes According to the report, the dollar failed to reach the mark of 64 rubles, and the euro did not reach the figure of 69 rubles.  Earlier were introduced restrictive measures against one of the

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Over Million Russians Relocated from Emergency Housing

Since 2008, about 1.1 million people out of 17 million square meters of emergency housing have been resettled around Russia. This was told by the Housing and Utilities Fund official Gennady Adamovich, TASS reports.  “Since 2008, with the financial support provided by the Housing and Utilities Fund, as well as attracting funds from regional and

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Specialists Revealed Most Demanded Professions in Novosibirsk

Service conducted research on vacancies in Novosibirsk which are in the highest demand now, and found out what salaries the specialists can count on. According to analysts, in February 2020, security guards became the most popular job among Novosibirsk employees; their average salary is from 20,300 rubles per month, VN.RU reports.  On the labour

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Russian Scientists Developed Profitable Waste Management Strategy

Scientists at Tomsk Polytechnic University developed a strategy for the joint utilization of industrial and municipal wastes by burning them as part of composite fuel, which will help to save more money than using traditional coal, RIA News reports. The results of the study are published in the journal Energies.   Composite fuel is a modern

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All Villages of Kaliningrad Region Provided With Internet

All villages of the Kaliningrad region with a population of 250 to 500 people got access to the Internet under the federal project “Eliminating the Digital Inequality”, RIA News reports.  According to the project, the company provides small towns with free wireless Internet access at a speed of at least 10 Mbps. It is possible

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Forgotten Things from USSR Presented at Novosibirsk Exhibition

Legendary things are presented in the museum of the USSR, VN.RU reports. According to the guide, in the USSR, everything performed not only its function but was also a reliable assistant to the Soviet people, according to the principle “old friends are best”.  Some things were so reliable that it is difficult to replace them

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Ban on Cigarettes: Tobacco Products Can Be Removed from Samara Kiosks

Deputies of the Samara Regional Duma decided to invite the federal authorities to tighten anti-tobacco law. The idea is to ban the sale of cigarettes in retail outlets of a small area, 63.RU reports. For cities, a restriction of 25 square meters is proposed, for rural areas, it is 10 square meters. The sale of