All Primary Students of Novosibirsk Region to Be Provided With Free Lunches

Primary school students in Novosibirsk will be provided with free, hot, high-quality school meals before September 1, 2023. Governor Andrey Travnikov instructed the regional government and all municipalities to quickly analyze the need of Novosibirsk educational institutions for both financial and logistical support to implement the initiative voiced by President Vladimir Putin.

Picture: Novosibirsk Government Official Website

According to the message of the President, starting from September 1, 2020, free hot meals for all students from the first to fourth grade should be provided in those regions and schools where there is technical readiness.

It was also stated, that no later than September 1, 2023, all younger students in all subjects of the country should be provided with free hot lunches. According to the Governor of the region, Andrey Travnikov, resources will be required to bring the material and technical base into conformity.

There is also a possibility that in rural schools they will create catering units or other forms of providing hot meals. The deadlines are tight, because from September 1, 2020, this initiative should be implemented.

Ru-Main, 18.01.2020

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