Almost 200 New Blocks of Flats to Appear in Tatarstan 2021

In Tatarstan, 198 new blocks of flats are currently under construction, which is 2 million square metres of investment housing (more than half of which is being built using escrow accounts), KazanFirst reports with reference to the head of the Ministry of Construction of the Republic Marat Aizatullin.  

It is specified that there are 44 houses in a high degree of readiness (70-100 per cent), 68 houses are in an average degree of readiness (30-70 per cent), and 86 houses are in a low degree (0-30 per cent). It is also noted that an investment programme for 139 houses has been preliminarily formed under the social lending programme, which is almost 5 thousand flats.

Already in 2021, according to four existing programmes to provide housing for certain categories of citizens, housing should be received by 738 families: 636 orphans, 45 large families who are raising five or more children, 48 young families, 9 displaced persons and Chernobyl victims.

Ru-Main, 10.01.2021 

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