Almost 30 New Modern Trolleybuses Appear in Omsk

The branding of new Admiral trolleybuses began in Omsk. By the end of March, their number in the city will increase to 29. At the moment, 11 trolleybuses have already arrived at the local depot, the rest will arrive by the end of April 2021, om1 reports.  

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

It is specified that the size of the area to be used is 30 square metres. On average, it takes 3-4 hours to brand one trolleybus. It is stated that the process is quite time consuming since a self-adhesive coverage with a full print is used in the work. The design of trolleybuses will remind that this type of transport is ecological. On the “body” of the vehicles will be placed the name of the federal programme under which the branding is being med, “Safe and High-Quality Roads”.

Ru-Main, 27.02.2021 

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