Almost 5,000 Omsk Residents Wrote ‘Victory Dictation’

On April 29, the United Russia’s International Patriotic Action “Victory Dictation” was held. This year, 80 countries joined the action, including 31 states where the dictation was written offline, om1 reports. The content of the assignments was developed by historians and dedicated to the events of the first year of the Great Patriotic War.  

Picture: Omsk Regional Website

In particular, more than 100 sites were opened on the territory of the Omsk region. The main platform in the region became the Omsk State Pedagogical University. It is specified that the Minister of Culture of the region, Yuri Trofimov, as well as the Deputy Secretary of the regional department of “United Russia” and the Vice-Speaker of the Omsk City Council Yury Tetyanikov, came to test their knowledge too.

The Deputy Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Omsk Region, the Chairman of the Public Council of the Party project “Historical Memory” Alexander Artemov, noted that 3 years ago the organizers started with 5 sites and 300 participants and today they have already managed to organize 105 sites with about 5,000 participants. Within 45 minutes, the participants answered 25 questions. In addition, more than 8,500 people were able to take online tests, which is 1,500 more than last year.

Ru-Main, 04.05.2021 

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