Almost Half of All Russians Started Working Before Adulthood

Most often, Russians get their first job at the age of 18 to 21 (42% of respondents). In turn, 36% started working earlier, at the age of 14-17, while 6% received their first work experience at the age of 10-13, and 2% even tried to earn their first money before the age of 9. 

Picture: MSK-Rabota

As specified in the study, men in Russia usually start working earlier than women (on average at 17.2 years versus 18.3). The average age of first employment is lowest among millennials – people who are now under 24 started their careers at an average of 17.1 years – and highest among those who are now 35 to 44 years old (they started to work when they were 18.3).

The respondents who now work as doctors and pharmacists received their first work experience later than others (on average at 19.9 and 19.5 years, respectively). Programmers start working at the age of 19, accountants, purchasing managers and designers – a few months earlier.

At the youngest age, deliverymen (at 14.9 years old), waiters (at 15.5 years old), and dispatchers (at 16.8 years old) began to work.

Ru-Main, 05.10.2021 
Source: SuperJob

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