Alternative Surgery Conference in Novosibirsk

Today in Novosibirsk they present the so-called “alternative surgery”. Within two days at the scientific-practical conference, they will discuss new approaches to the diagnosis of lung and chest pathology and perform less traumatic procedures with live broadcast from the operating room. 

For two days in Novosibirsk, leading doctors of the country discuss high technology at the junction of specialities. Pulmonology, thoracic surgery, radiology and endoscopy reports local TV-channel.

“These are the so-called interstitial lung diseases when many diseases have the same clinical and radiological picture. And only morphological verification, obtaining material allows us to find out what kind of disease it is and choose the right treatment tactics,” said the chief endoscopist of the Novosibirsk Region, Evgeniy Drobyazgin.

During the theory and translation from the operating room, doctors master advanced techniques by international standards but note that it’s too early to talk about the absolute success of these technologies, as every person is unique and has his own reactions.

“This is an opportunity to look beyond the wall of the bronchi, to look into what surrounds the trachea and bronchi, using ultrasound to make an accurate biopsy. The second point is a cold biopsy – a lung biopsy using freezing. I think this will be one of the first such biopsies in Siberia,” says Ilya Sivokozov, an endoscopist, pulmonologist, and PhD from Moscow.

The new technique will certainly be in demand. Only in the Novosibirsk region at least one and a half thousand people annually need such studies.

Ru-Main, 20.12.2019

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