Amateur Football Players Organized Tournament in Magnitogorsk

A prestigious among local football fans tournament was held in Magnitogorsk, chelTV reports. In the final, in which the courtyard teams have been playing for 14 years, were “Yaguar” and “Team of the 137th Micro-District”. In the first one, there are entirely students of a football school, while in the second one, there are only amateurs.  

It is specified that the City Cup, which is held in memory of football coach, Alexander Gurov, won the “Team of the 137th Micro-District” with a score of 3:2. The winners were awarded a set of soccer balls.

“The guys from Magnitogorsk are chasing the ball in the courtyards and then we are doing such a big tournament for them at the big real central stadium in memory of the wonderful man who coached our adult football team,” the chairman of the Magnitogorsk Assembly of Deputies, Alexander Morozov, said.

It is noted that for 14 years almost 3,000 boys have played in the tournament. Most of them entered the real football field for the first time, and for some, it was even more important than a cup itself.

Ru-Main, 01.09.2020 

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