Amazing Ice Cave Found in South Urals

The Chelyabinsk region is rich in natural phenomena, among which the Shemakhinskaya Cave surprised tourists  recently, chelTV reports. 

The photographers managed to take pictures inside the cave in which its walls shimmer in different colours. As scientists have explained, the ice blocks found there, when hit by a ray of light, start shimmering in different colours. It is noted that this effect lasts only a few seconds. The phenomenon is explained by the fact that these giant icicles contain a huge amount of salts which cause a short-term effect.

In addition, the Shemakhinskaya Cave located in the Nyazepetrovsky region is considered one of the largest in the Urals. Its length is over 2,200 metres. In fact, this is not a cave, but a bed of an underground river. It is specified that one can get inside without special equipment only in winter when the water freezes. In spring and summer, the water level there can reach two and a half metres, and a powerful stream breaks out from the entrance of the cave.

Ru-Main, 02.03.2021, Pictures: Chelyabinsk Regional Website  

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