Americans Listen to Russian Songs in Los Angeles Taxi [Video]

On the youtube channel GlebaTV (647 thousand subscribers), a new show was released, where Americans are given the opportunity to listen to Russian music. 

The author of the channel is a taxi driver, who works in America. He showed videos for songs of Russian artists that are in the top 10 of 2019 to local citizens, who are his passengers.

One of the best video-clips was ‘Lyubimka’ (“Beloved one”) by Niletto. People immediately started dancing and were absolutely delighted with the imitation of the sounds of the song.

“We liked. Cool club song. We think Americans will like it. It is very high-energy. Americans love European music, Russian as well, if the beat is good. And it’s just fantastic,” comment taxi passengers.

Recently, Niletto, whose real name is Danil Prytkov, reached the top of YouTube with this video.

Ru-Main, 12.01.2020 

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