Amur Resident Created Ice Postcard Visible from Earth Orbit

New Year has no boundaries and distances – this was proved by a pensioner from the Amur Region, who congratulated Muscovites and the whole world with a large ice card, reports VM.RU

Picture: Moscow Regional Website

The village of Markovo, near the Russian-Chinese border, was fully covered with frost. A 70-year-old pensioner Valery Melnikov went to the river. Cold and snow were perfect conditions for creating a new card, by means of which he wished the whole world a happy New Year.

“I draw simple images. After all, snow is not a pencil; you won’t draw pictures of them that you see on TV or on postcards. Yes, I’m taking something from there. But I also want to bring something of my own,” says Valery.

The size of the postcard must be measured in meters. The master does not hear anything due to the effects of meningitis. Now to communicate with him you need to go with a notebook.

Once Valery began to slowly draw small patterns on ice, which then increased. New Year’s card turned out to be large-scale. And this year it is visible not only during the day but also at night. The new masterpiece was decorated with a garland.

The artist has been drawing postcards for many years, but they first talked about him in 2017 after the publication of colleagues from the Amurskaya Pravda newspaper. Then Roskosmos published on social networks a photo of a postcard from the International Space Station.

Ru-Main, 31.12.2019

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