Analysts Recorded Revenue Increase in Stores for Newborns

The revenue of Russian stores with goods for newborns in July 2020 exceeded their February revenue by 45%, the press service of the Evotor IT company reported. At the same time, the revenue of Russian children’s stores in July increased by 5% compared to February and by 11% compared to July. 

It is specified that last month, children’s stores have earned a record for 7 months of the year. Revenue from toy businesses last month was 5% higher than in June and 1% less than in January when toy stores posted record revenue for the entire year. At the end of the last month, the children’s segment showed rapid growth in revenue, despite the fact that about a quarter of children’s stores and 30% of toy stores did not open at that time.

One of the important reasons for the growth in sales of children’s goods in the company is considered presidential payments to families with children in July. The opportunity to make purchases when other summer leisure activities were unavailable is also considered an important factor.

Ru-Main, 16.08.2020 

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