Animal DzhaZ Music Band Celebrates Birthday in St. Petersburg

A new disc with the slogan “It’s time to love, not to throw bombs!” became the tenth album in the group’s discography.

Picture: Soyuz Media Store

Frontman Alexander Krasovitsky notes that this release has no ideas, and most likely this is happening in the world.

“After all, the most missing thing of our time is love. All is the same now. I can say that this album is about the eternal,” Alexander said.

In March, the group released a clip and the anti-war anthem “Feelings”, in which starred Yuri Shevchuk, Mikhail Kozyrev, Vladimir Kotlyarov (“Porn Films” music band), Ilya Prusikin (Little Big music band), Tatarka, musicians from The Hatters music band, etc. Krasovitsky said that the participants have decided to film in the clip not due to friendly relations or vocal skills.

Musicians wait for guests at Club A2, St. Petersburg, at 20.00. The setlist contains the best songs for the 19-year history of the group, as well as the premiere of songs from the new album “Time to Love”.

Ru-Main, 27.12.2019

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