Architect Paintings Shown in Novosibirsk Cultural Centre

On March 6, in the Novosibirsk centre of culture, at the exhibition of paintings by Ivan Shalmin “Laconicism in Architecture. Painting Without Paints” were presented his works which were drawn with the help of Photoshop programme, reports NGS.RU.

Pictures: Novosibirsk Regional Website

The exhibition shows paintings by Ivan, made using Photoshop and printed on special photo paper for artistic printing. The exhibition is dedicated to the mother of Ivan. His studies in the digital painting were born as some kind of art therapy for her.

“A new brush, new technologies, namely brushes, but not content. In this sense, I am conservative: I created a space, but it also needs to be slightly decorated. So in this regard, it is a normal painting,” Shalmin explained.

It was clarified that on March 23 and 24 the exposition will run, and on March 21 there at 4 pm will be a lecture by the artist-architect himself. The lecture is free, but the pre-registration is required.

Ru-Main, 07.03.2020 

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