ARMY-2021 Forum: Russia Presents Latest Military Developments

From August 22 to 28 Russia holds the Army-2021 forum in the ‘Patriot’ military park, at the Kubinka airfield and the Alabino training ground, as well as in all military districts and in the Northern Fleet, the official Kremlin website reports. 


During the forum, the Rostec’s Technodinamika holding has for the first time presented a prototype of glasses for combating insomnia, the serial production of which is planned to begin in 2022. The ‘Blue Sky pro’ glasses allows the prevention of sleep disorders and restoration of daily biorhythms within one or two days. It is specified that the device is created for mass use, but can also be used by military personnel for recuperation. The light emitted by the glasses activates the brain and the internal biological clock. Also, they should help to get used to changing time zones. At the moment, the company is focused on the production of 15 thousand pieces, the price of each of which can range from 7 thousand to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the material used.

Picture: Russian Medical Equipment

The “High-Precision Weapons” Rostec’s company presented the ‘Arctic’ version of the BT-3F Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), adapted for operations in the Far North. The APC was developed on the basis of the BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicle and adapted to perform special tasks in extreme temperatures. It is specified that the engine in the car has a capacity of 450 hp, and the power reserve is 600 km. Special tracks with reduced ground pressure significantly increased the vehicle’s cross-country ability.


The strike version of the UAV ‘Outpost-R’ with air-to-surface guided missiles was also shown at the forum. The aircraft is equipped with two containers with guided missiles, a target designation, and a surveillance system, as well as a satellite communication antenna. The practical flight altitude of the UAV is 5.9 km, the flight duration is at least 10 hours, the cruising speed is up to 180 km/h, and the payload weight is up to 100 kg.

Picture: Armenian News

The latest anti-tank missile system “Kornet-D1” developed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau named after Academician A. Shipunov, which is part of the “High-Precision Weapons” Rostec’s holding, will be able to hit two different targets simultaneously. The system has a doubled effective firing range (10 km), new basic chassis, as well as the ability to fire in automatic mode and simultaneously hit two targets. Currently, the system is being created for two carrier variants: the wheelbase of the Tiger-M armoured car and the tracked base of the BMD-4M amphibious assault vehicle. At the same time, the modular design of Kornet-D1 will allow creating a system on any carrier that has the appropriate load capacity and internal space.

Picture: Warfiles

The visual-optical interference station “Lyutik-N” that blinds the enemy can be attached to a helmet or an armoured shield. The wearable station can be used for special operations and counter-terrorism measures. At a distance of up to 100 metres, it allows to temporarily blind the enemy, including those armed with weapons with an optical sight. The operation of the station is based on the modulation of the brightness of the light radiation, which creates the effect of temporary blinding. The station has a shockproof sealed housing and can be used at temperatures from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius. It is specified that the “Lyutik-N” can also be used in searchlight mode to illuminate darkened areas (then the duration of the operation is 45 minutes).

Picture: TASS

Also at the international forum, a modernized complex of the hidden inspection was presented that allows determining not only the presence of dangerous objects and prohibited substances but also human emotions. This complex is aimed at the hidden detection of dangerous objects in the flow of people, taking into account the six basic human emotions. It is reported that on the basis of the data obtained it is possible to draw a conclusion about how dangerous a particular person is. It is also specified that earlier, the receiving part of the complex that does not have an emotion recognition function, was placed in a 19-inch cabinet, and the new one fits into the size of 4 packs of cigarettes. Later, specialists of the Scientific and Research Institute for Long-Distance Radio Communications plan to develop unique technology for identifying a person by gait or other external signs and individual characteristics of a person to detect suspicious behaviour and microexpressions of a face.

Picture: TASS

In turn, JSC “Remdiesel” demonstrated the latest amphibious version of the “AMN-D” armoured car K-4386 designed for parachuting. It is noted that a small side body is installed on the chassis for the transportation of various goods. The engine power is 350 hp, the maximum speed is 100 km/h, the car weight is 11 tonnes, and has a load capacity of 3 tonnes, with a ground clearance of 410 mm.

Picture: TopWar

The Kalashnikov Group of Companies presented the serial version of the latest MP-155 Ultima smart rifle that received a new onboard personal computer on the Android system. The Ultima rifle is built on a modular principle, which allows the owner to customize the product. The external elements are made of aviation aluminium alloy and high-tech polymers. The weapon has an onboard PC with a digital display, a clock, a compass, a stopwatch, a timer, a shot counter, and an indicator of the remaining cartridges, as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, built-in memory, and a Full HD camera.

Picture: TVZvezda

The Military-Industrial Company and the Design Bureau of Youth presented a roadster “Crimea” created on the basis of the units of AvtoVAZ JSC in the colouring of the Military Automobile Inspection (VAI), which is proposed to be used to maintain order on the road. The car can reach speeds of up to 220 km/h and accelerate to 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds. It is specified that 70 per cent of the roadster consists of parts for the Lada Kalina car.

Picture: Car News

Besides, the guests of the forum were able to ride in an unmanned car designed for 4 passengers. The car was created by specialists of the Moscow Polytechnic University and has neither a steering wheel nor pedals, only 2 rows of passenger seats and a tablet for downloading the route. The car is able to transport cargo or people along a given route, depending on the configuration of the mobile platform. The creators hope that in the near future their drones will begin to carry people in the Moscow parks.

Picture: TASS

Interestingly, the fur suit of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, that was on him when he had a vacation in Tuva this year, was also presented at the exhibition. It could be tried on in a virtual fitting room.

Picture: Interfax

Made of natural sheepskin, the suit is designed for wintertime in the taiga. It is specified that the hood of the suit is trimmed with raccoon fur that is the only fur that does not undergo the formation of frost when breathing in the cold. Additionally, gloves, a hat, and a bag were made of the same material to make a set. It is stressed that such kind of suit is not put into mass production and is sewn only to order.

Picture: Russian Military-Industrial Complex

Ru-Main, 24.08.2021 

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