Arrange Winter Holidays for your Pets at Mr. KOTiK Hotel

New Year holidays are ahead and most of the Rostov residents are going to have long journeys. Going on a trip, they have faced the problem: where to leave their pets during their absence. 

The hotel “Mr KOTiK” will help them. Recently, it grew up, expanded its area, became more comfortable. There is a relaxation area with an aquarium world of colourful fish, new warm and comfortable rooms with soft beds, interesting toys have been added.

While you are resting away from home, professional cat-nannies will look after your cat. In the hotel, each pet will have its own separate room. Thanks to the glass doors of the rooms, cats can exchange glances with their neighbours, and at the same time feel as comfortable as possible.

Hotel “Mr KOTiK” was founded in 2012. All rooms have an individual ventilation, heating and lighting system. After the stay of the guests, each room is thoroughly sanitized.

The team of the hotel guarantees care for a pet and constant monitoring by an experienced veterinarian so that Rostov residents who have left their pet there can safely celebrate New Year and Christmas away from home.

Ru-Main, 03.12.2019

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