Artificial Intelligence Creates Masterpieces of Fine Art

Alexey from Volgodonsk created a robot that can perform the work of an artist. His robot consists of two components: artificial intelligence and mechanical arm. The robot analyzes specific data and then models it onto a canvas. 

Picture: Alexey’s official website

AI calculates the optimal position of each stroke, and then a mechanical hand starts performing its part of the work. The inventor insists that the paintings that are created in this way are made in collaboration of man with the machine.

“Some will say, this is not art if part of the work is done by a machine, and not by an artist with his own hands. Dear experts, take a look at your life. It turns out that housework is no longer your merit since the clothes were washed by a washing machine?” he said.

According to the creator, the algorithm is not similar to a classic neural network, as his robot’s neural network is not trained by examples, it improvises and at the same time watches its work. As such, there is no base with source material for training in it.

For twelve years of painting, the robot almost perfectly mastered the graphic drawing with a ballpoint pen, and now Alexey is developing mechanisms for creating oil paintings and acrylic on canvas.

Ru-Main, 26.02.2020

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