Austrian Boy Told About Love for Russia in Letter to Vladimir Putin [Video]

A ten-year-old Austrian boy, Matthäus Brandstetter, asked Russian President Vladimir Putin not to lose faith in Europe, RIA Novosti reports, whose correspondent personally visited the young Austrian. In a letter to Putin, Matthäus writes that Europe and Russia are close neighbours that are economically connected with each other and, in his opinion, should interact much more. 

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Возможно, это изображение (текст «Sehr geehrter Herr Präsident, ändern kann. ein bitten, will viel enger (gerade und dass die Europa nicht zu Russlan und dass Europa immer gut slowakei, wenn Russlana sprechen) viele gegenüberstehen und sích wünschen verwandten gibt, Russland wohlgesonnen wenn eine engere Partnerschaft gäbe. Ihnen persönlich wünsche Gesundheit! viel Kraft und Ausdauer wichtiges auch Bitte verlieren sie nichtd Hoffnung an Europas denke, das wäre gut uns alle! zusammenarbeit Herzliche Grübe, Matthäus Brandstetter MATTHACS PS: über eine Rückmeldung und Matthäus Brandstetter BRANDSTETTER Autogrammkarta würde ich mich sehrfreuen sehr Kreuzweg 7/1 4212 Neumarkt L.M. Austria»)

The guy is very interested in Russia and has even begun to learn Russian. On the door leading to Matthäus’ room, there is a drawing with three flags: Russia, Austria, and Slovakia. Under each is written the name of the country in its national language, and even lower in a mixture of English and Russian, “My favourite is Russia”.

“Sometimes my mother helps me, but usually I learn Russian myself. On average, I study four times a week. I read that Russian is an international language, it’s interesting, so I wanted to learn it,” Matthäus said.

When asked why he needed Russian, Matthäus replied that he wanted to be a football goalkeeper in Russia.

“I am interested in the history of Russia. Of course, I want to visit it. I know several places – Moscow, St. Petersburg, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Siberia,” explained Matthäus.

It is clarified that the boy has already received a response from the Russian ambassador, Dmitry Lyubinsky, who assured him that the letter had already been sent to the Kremlin. The diplomats also sent the boy a photo of the President of Russia with his autograph and three books in Russian: “Moscow – the Capital of Our Motherland”, the children’s encyclopedia “Russia”, and “Moscow Kremlin. Garrison of Special Purpose”. The boy’s parents are sure that regardless of how this story unfolds, their whole family will travel to Russia one day.

Ru-Main, 26.07.2021, Pictures: Russian Foreign Ministry Official FB-Page  

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