Average Bill in Moscow Restaurants Returned to Pre-Coronavirus Level

In the restaurants of Moscow, from June 16 to June 21, the average bill increased by 82 per cent compared to the previous week, when public catering establishments worked only for delivery because of the pandemic, Izvestia reported. 

The indicator in the restaurants amounted to 1.6 thousand rubles, which corresponds to the value before the introduction of restrictions. At the same time, the sales volume in monetary terms in restaurants grew by 181 per cent. In Moscow cafes, the average bill grew by 41 per cent, to 424 rubles, revenue grew by 103 per cent. The average bill in restaurants of the country increased by 28 per cent and amounted to 795 rubles, sales in cash, by 49 per cent.

The experts of the fiscal data operator (Platform OFD), collected data from the online cash desks, note that Muscovites are still cautious about visiting summer porches of catering establishments, and therefore sales are not increasing too fast. The first place in the sales structure of restaurants and cafes remains with food delivery and takeaway sales.

Ru-Main, 26.06.2020

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