Azov Resident Alina Sanko Took Part in Miss World 2019

The final of the Miss World contest was held today in London. The participant from Russia was Alina Sanko, a resident of Azov, who this year became Miss Russia. 

Picture: Vesti.Ru News Website

In addition to the Russian beauty, 89 more girls from different countries participated in the competition. Alina broke into the top 12 contenders for the title of the most beautiful girl in the world but failed to reach the top 5.

The title “Miss World” was received by a participant from Jamaica; in second place is the representative of France, and on the third – a girl from India.

The main beauty of the country, Alina Sanko, received the crown of the Miss Russia contest in April, and in addition to it, she got three million rubles and the opportunity to represent the country at international beauty contests.

Alina is 20 years old, she is from Azov, Rostov Region, and is studying in her third year at the State University of Land Management, Faculty of Architecture. The girl came to the modeling business recently: in February she starred for a clothing catalog.

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