Bakhchisaray Palace in Crimea

The beautiful Khan’s palace of Bakhchisaray, the legendary “garden city”. This palace serves as an amazing and unique example of Crimean Tatar architecture.

A real city in the city: mosques, baths, mausoleums, richly decorated, painted and finished with great care and art. When this new Khan’s residence was built, the idea of ​​Islamic ideas about paradise was laid at the heart of the project, and each subsequent ruler added something of his own there.

The construction of this amazing palace began in the 16th century. Previously, the residence of the Crimean khans was located in a different place, but the court grew, and as a result, the ruler, nobles, numerous servants and guards became cramped. Then it was decided to build a new palace. The oldest buildings of the complex are the Great Khan Mosque and the Sary-Guzel Baths, erected in 1532.

During the war between Russia and the Crimean Khanate, when the capital was captured by Field Marshal Minikh’s troops, the palace was destroyed, but Captain Manstein was entrusted with a description of the palace, which he composed. Thanks to this, the palace was restored.

Two fountains are beating at once in the Bakhchisaray Palace: one of them is grandiose, with complex floral ornaments and gilding, it is called the “Golden Fountain”. But much more popular was a completely different, modest one, called the “Fountain of Tears”. It was built during the reign of Khan Crimea-Girey in memory of his beloved wife, who had passed away too early. Since then, the fountain has a romantic and sad halo.

The expositions of the palace are open for visiting in the winter until 17:00, in the summer – until 18:00, it is better to specify in advance. The central ticket office is open from 9:00. The cost of visiting depends on the number of expositions that a tourist wants to visit, on average about 500 RUB for adults and 100 RUB for reduced prices.

Ru-Main, 05.12.2019

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