Ballerina Volochkova Surprised Fans with New Look

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova showed subscribers her new look. She published the photograph on her personal Instagram page. 

Picture: Volochkova Fan Club VK-Group

In the photo, the star poses in a bright blue dress, but it was not the thing that shocked her subscribers. Anastasia has long hair with a bang.

“Love leads to such changes. How do you like it?” asked the athlete.

The reaction of her subscribers was mixed. Some of them positively appreciated the image of the ballerina, saying that the changes suit her. Some even compared her with the Snow Queen and Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie.

However, there were some users who did not like the picture of a celebrity. They suspected that Anastasia was wearing a wig, which made her look tasteless.

Ru-Main, 13.12.2019


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