Basic Equipment Installed at Omsk New Primary Oil Refining Complex

Omsk Oil Refinery completed the installation of the main equipment at the new complex of primary oil refining. This project is one of the key projects of the second stage of the Omsk Oil Refinery development program, which Gazprom Neft has been continuing since 2008.

Picture: Omsk Oil Refinery Plant Official Website

After the launch of the new complex, the overall environmental impact of production will further decrease due to the decommissioning of six units of the past generation, following the national Ecology project. Its capacity will be 8.4 million tons of oil per year. Investments in the project exceed 50 billion rubles.

Mounted columns for atmospheric and vacuum oil refining with a total weight of 1200 tons were manufactured by domestic manufacturers. The devices provide separation of oil into fractions for the further production of petroleum products. Installation of pipelines and automated control systems continues.

Gazprom Neft is carrying out a large-scale modernization program for the Omsk and Moscow refineries with a total investment of more than 550 billion rubles. As part of the first stage of modernization, enterprises have completely switched to the production of modern environmentally friendly Euro-5 motor fuels. The implementation of the second stage is ongoing; the depth of oil refining and the production of light petroleum products will increase to the level of the best world indicators.

Ru-Main, 09.02.2020

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