Quarantinovision: Russian Music Band Launched Own Song Contest [Video]

The frontman of the Little Big music group, Iliya Prusikin, launched a quarantine song contest for Internet users on his Instagram-Page. 

“Eurovision 2020 was cancelled, and we decided to hold our song contest #Quarantinovision2020. Take part in the competition! Record a song, take a minute video clip on your phone, and the country will know about you, and perhaps even the whole world!” wrote Prusikin on his Instagram-Page.

The subscribers of the frontman liked the idea, so there already appeared the first participants. Earlier, it became known that Little Big was supposed to represent Russia at Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam with the song Uno, but the organizers decided to cancel the contest due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now fans can not only enjoy the performances of the favourite musicians, but also become a part of a big flash mob.

Ru-Main, 05.04.2020

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