Beavers Left Settlement in Leningrad Region without Electricity

Residents of the Nezhnovsky settlement in the Leningrad region were without electricity, what happens already not for the first time in recent days. Beavers are blamed for the sabotage.

Interruptions began five days ago, and today the light has disappeared. And after that, the heating in many houses of the villages of Urmizno and Novye Ustye disappeared as well, since the equipment is electric. The reason for the blackout was two power poles that fell in the swamp.

In Lenenergo, the loss of stability of the supports was explained by a fateful combination of circumstances: the rise of water in a peat bog and the wrecking of beavers that tumble down trees and thereby provoke the accumulation of water. The company assured that the beaver blockages were dismantled from Monday, November 18. They promise to return the light to the villagers during the day.

The supports will be strengthened this and next weeks: the length of the line is 50 kilometres. For some time, settlements Semeyskoye, Semeyskoye-2, Myshkino, Golovkino and Itsipino may remain without electricity.

Ru-Main, 20.11.2019

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