Belarusians Welcomed Russian Servicemen With Genuine Hospitality

On July 22, 2021, the first military echelons with Russian servicemen and equipment arrived in Belarus to prepare for participation in the joint strategic exercise of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation “Zapad (West) 2021” that will be held at the training grounds of the two countries from September 10 to September 16, 2021. The topic of the exercise is “The Use of Groupings of Troops (Forces) in the Interests of Ensuring the Military Security of the Allied State”, according to the official Telegram-channel of the Belarus Ministry of Defence.  

According to the deputy commander of the military unit that has arrived first, Sergei Kobrov, the Russian servicemen “arrived in a good mood” and without any problems on the way. Traditionally, Russian servicemen were welcomed with bread and salt to the sounds of a military band.

“They welcomed us with a military band, we are very pleased. Assistance was provided in organizing the unloading of our equipment. I am glad that I have arrived on the land of the Republic of Belarus with my personnel to participate in the exercises,” Kobrov said.

On July 23, units of technical and logistical support arrived at the Lesnaya railway station in the Baranovichi region. The Belarusian land met brothers from Russia with real hospitality.

“It’s nice that our Belarusian brothers welcomed us so warmly. We have really intense work ahead. I am confident that participation in the upcoming exercise will allow both sides to gain valuable experience,” the Lieutenant Colonel, Alexei Stolyarov, stated.

And today, on July 28, with bread and salt on the Belarusian soil another train with servicemen and equipment from the Russian Federation led by the commander of the military unit, Vladimir Krivoschapov, has been met.

“I have come to the Republic of Belarus for such exercises for the fourth time. The impressions from Belarus are always positive. I can say that the country is getting better and developing. During the exercises, I plan to gain experience from joint actions, exchange experience and knowledge,” the commander said.

Ru-Main, 28.07.2021, Pictures: Official Telegram-channel of the Belarus Ministry of Defence 

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