Belgorod Scientists Developed Agro-Industrial Educational Centre

The biological educational and scientific complex of innovative solutions, which was opened at the Belgorod State University, will help prepare specialists to fulfill the tasks of a scientific and educational centre, TASS reports. 

Picture: Russian News Website

The new educational location houses five research laboratories, namely biochemistry and molecular biology, bioengineering, applied botany, biotechnology and bioinformatics, and physiology. It is noted that the laboratory of biochemistry and molecular biology will allow for the isolation and purification of total DNA, for the restriction and sequencing of its fragments.

The centre’s mission is to accelerate the development of world-class technologies in accordance with the priorities of the scientific and technological development of Russia. Its economic and financial model is designed for the period from 2019 to 2024 and includes budgetary and extra-budgetary sources. This year, more than 30 students have signed up for the programme. Some already have their own project ideas, which they will develop in the learning process, in order to get a patent.

Ru-Main, 27.10.2020 

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