Best Kvass Brands Named by Russian Quality Experts

Russian quality control (Roscontrol) experts conducted a study of traditional Slavic beverage kvass. They studied the brands “Vyatsky”, “Ostankinsky”, “Ochakovsky”, “Russky”, “Russky Dar”, and “Suzdal Drinks”, and checked them for compliance with the state requirements, taking into account their organoleptic properties. 

Picture: Russian Ethnographic Park-Museum’s Website

As a result, the “Ochakovsky” kvass was recognized as the best one. It meets the safety requirements and its taste is harmonious. It is noted that the “Vyatsky”, “Ostankinsky”, and “Russky Dar” brands also comply with all safety requirements. It is specified that in the “Suzdal Drinks” kvass was revealed the content of the acidity regulator of citric acid, which is not indicated in the labelling, and in the drink “Russky”, the labelling is unreliable in terms of product names, as this beverage is not kvass according to the composition of volatile components.

Ru-Main, 30.06.2020

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