Best Places for Recreation Named by Tourism Experts

The results of the study were shared by the vacation rental service, entermedia reports. The majority of respondents chose the mountains and the sea in Crimea (38.24 per cent). The second place took Caucasian Mineral Waters (18.63 per cent), and the third place occupies the Krasnodar Territory (16.67 per cent). 

The top five was closed by Altai (12.75 per cent) and the Leningrad region (4.9 per cent). The top 10 also includes the Kaliningrad region (2.94 per cent), Tatarstan and Bashkiria (both 1.96 per cent), as well as the Moscow and Kemerovo regions (0.98 per cent each).

Ru-Main, 09.10.2020 

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