Best Products were Named by Russian Quality System

A number of products manufactured in Russia have competitive qualities, said the head of Roskachestvo (Russian Quality System) Maksim Protasov, reports Rossiyskaya Gazeta

According to Protasov, these products include ice cream, cookies and confectionery. In addition, on the territory of the Russian Federation, they produce vegetable oil and products of grain and flour of excellent quality. Russian premium meat has been successfully exported to Latin America, and poultry meat overtakes similar American and European products in terms of quality.

Among other things, domestic round rice also crowds out competitors in the relevant market segment. According to Protasov, Russia is gradually learning to produce high-quality cheese and wine. Soon, the head of Roskachestvo hopes, the country will succeed in becoming a serious rival in the field of organic production.

Ru-Main, 08.01.2020

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