Beyoncé Surprised Fans With New Necklace

American singer Beyoncé puzzled fans with a new necklace on her neck consisting of different parts one of which was a word in Russian. The photo appeared on her Instagram-Page, RadioSputnik reports.  


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The close-up photo clearly shows the decoration, on which the word “square” is written in Russian in large letters (“ploshchad”). English-speaking fans did not pay attention to the necklace, while Russian-speaking people were surprised by it a lot.

“Are Russians here?!” Russians left comments on the photo.

Many users repeated only the word “square” in the comments, some of them accompanied this noun with a question mark and emoji with which they expressed a puzzled reaction to an unusual necklace, but the answer to this question turned out to be simple. The photos were taken for the brand “Area”, which translated its name into different languages. However, in Russian, this directly translated word is more often used for the “square” meaning.

Ru-Main, 18.04.2021, Picture: Beyoncé Instagram-Page  

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