Black Caviar Demand in Russia Increased by 60%

The demand for black caviar in Russia increased by 60 per cent, and for red caviar decreased by 41 per cent during the New Year holidays (December 21, 2020 – January 10, 2021). The specialists of the ‘OFD’ fiscal data operator conducted research and compared the obtained data with the same period of 2019-2020, TASS reports.

According to the results of the study, the overall growth in sales during the above mentioned period was 60 per cent. The largest growth was recorded in the period from 21 to 29 December 2020 and amounted to 151 per cent compared to the same period in 2019. The most expensive purchases of black caviar were recorded on December 23 and 28, 2020 in Khimki. There, 500 g of caviar were purchased at a price of 67,700 rubles.

Analysts attribute the growth in sales to the closure of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in many regions of the country on New Year’s Eve and Russians’ refusal to visit places of mass recreation and catering. It is also possible that many bought caviar by December 31 as a gift to friends and acquaintances.

As for the expenses of Russians on red caviar, the overall decline was 41 per cent in monetary terms compared to the same period in 2019-2020. It is specified that positive dynamics occurred only in the period from 22 to 29 December 2020 and amounted to 3 per cent.

Ru-Main, 02.02.2021 

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