Black Friday Made St. Petersburg’s Roads Red from Traffic Jams

The evening rush hour on November 29 in St. Petersburg was marked by almost maximum congestion. Citizens are probably in a hurry to shop in stores on Black Friday.

Picture: City Regional Website

As reported in the analytical centre Yandex.Traffic, already at 17:21 traffic congestion in St. Petersburg reached 9 points. This is 2 points higher than normal. Most of the streets “reddened” predictably in the city centre.

Also, unusually dense traffic by half-past five in the evening was noted on Obukhov Defense Avenue. In the direction of the centre, the highway is loaded at 8 points, which is 5 points higher than usual.

The same workload is observed on the Vyborg highway. There is also traffic jam on Narodnaya and Ivanovskaya streets and Nevsky overpass.

And on the outer ring of the Ring Road, there was the longest traffic jam for the evening rush hour of the week – from Pulkovo Highway to Obukhov Defense Avenue. Already at 5 p.m., the traffic jam reached 10.7 kilometres.

Ru-Main, 29.11.2019

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