Block of Snow Crashed from Roof on Range Rover

The glass in the back door of the premium SUV was broken by a worker who cleaned the snow from the roof of a house in the Central District of Novosibirsk.

However, the cleaners have their version of what has happened. The owner of the SUV broke the glass in the car and threw snow into the trunk, the manager assures. The incident occurred on the afternoon of November 21 near the house 61, Nekrasov St.

The worker was clearing the snow off the roof of the five-story building but had not convinced of the safety in the surrounding area. As a result, the rear window of the parked Range Rover was broken. However, the manager radically refuses to admit the guilt of his employee. According to him, the driver of the premium SUV broke the glass by himself.

“There is such a tradition with the owners of the Ranges: every winter, during the snow removal from the roof, to break the windows of their cars and throw snow in the trunk,” commentators on social networks note on this occasion.

However, the others objected, saying there is another tradition if they put up an advertisement saying “do not put cars, there will be snow removal” – then the Range should be put there because space is free.

Ru-Main, 22.11.2019, Pictures: Novosibirsk regional Website

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